A history of love for the children from more than 25 years.

Stella borns from the passion and love for children’s fashion of Lucia Totaro, who founded in 1980 her first laboratory in Putignano, Apulian small town with a great tradition in high quality textile industry and wedding-dress fashion.

The extreme refiness of yarn’s quality and of the fabrics, the great attention for details, the charm and the elegance of the design, are the elements which characterized since the beginning our production, making of Stella already on the ending of years ‘ 80, one of the leaders companies in the quality-fashion for babies.

Today, as well thanks to the active presence in the company of the young people of the family, the Stella Distribution L.T.D is in fact a leader company at national and international level in the apparel industry for babies and children from 0 to 2 years.

Its continuous guideline towards quality of fibers and fabrics, and the elegance of lines, linked together with a aimed research of new ideas and innovatives technologicals solutions, we are sure will constitute, even in the future, the true motor of our development.

To create a fashion full of love for children, understanding their world and the one of their parents. To produce designer labelled clothing refined, elegant, precious and with it’s unique and recognizable style, always to child measure.

To Create it with handicraft production methods in the standard of Made in Italy; to use the best fabrics and the most esteemed natural fibers coming from all over the world. Our products are therefore exclusively created in Italy, with first quality material, 100% of natural fibers, a great part of the articles have as peculiar speciality to be entirely handy embroidered and finished.

This is our policy, our company philosophy. From more than 25 years.

The annual production of Distribuzione Stella, is about 250.000 garments, which are distributed, according to the firms and the different lines, to wholesalers, best boutiques and department store all over Italy and in 15 Counties abroad.

Our main factory counts 20 employees, whom have to be added others 50 peoples working for the subcontractors companies, which are all locals. They are collaborators of high professional profile who have understood and have made own the philosophy and the mission of our company strongly oriented to the handy craft of the product and to the Made in Italy.